Keys Made in Gustine, CA

Many times we find ourselves having lost or simply misplaced the keys we need in order to go about our activities as usual. In correcting this inconvenience one generally must seek the professional help of a locksmith. This can be very time consuming and often expensive. In prevention of this problem many people have copies of their keys made. Most all home improvement stores and hardware stores offer this service with a minimal charge.

Cutting Machine

Duplicate keys are made with the use of a key cutting machine that works by outlining the keys shape through a computerized system or by simply holding the original key in place while cutting the shapes out into the new key. There are many kinds of cutting machines available today and each has different cutting abilities for different types of keys.

Different Types

One type of machine used in having keys made in Gustine, CA is the semi automatic that performs mostly on its own. The user must put the original key into a gripping vice and the duplicate in another. keys made in Gustine, CA. A type of meter the follows the shape of the original key as it cuts the duplicate using a steel blade. After cutting and shaping the new key is complete a fast wire brush goes over the cut to make sure there are no spurs of metal left on the key. Adjustments are sometimes needed and thorough comparison to the original key is always recommended. Another machine is an automatic cutter and the user of this device is required to do very little in the process. They must only place the keys in the machine which in turn will outline the original twice to get more precise measurements and then it will cut the key with a titanium blade. This machine also has a brush that removes any metal shavings that may be left after cutting. The entire process only takes an automatic machine less than a minute to complete. Most hotels have in use key cards and a code machine can make copies of these by using the original and cutting notches that match those of the original. A bit cutter is used in making skeleton keys by obtaining the depth of the end of the key and then duplicating it. Some keys cutting machines use lasers and work much like an automatic cutter with the use of the laser instead of the blade. These lasers can place dimples on the surface of a key such as is required by many security systems today.

Cost Consideration

Depending upon the type of keys made in Gustine, CA and the number of keys made the cost will vary. Simple keys made in Gustine, CA by ones local hardware store are very inexpensive. However those having to be made with a laser may range upwards into the hundreds of dollars in cost. Price checking before having a copy made is always a good idea.

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